About Us

Orange and Orchid, a baby clothing and kids wear brand is part of O and O Enterprise. The brand was launched in the year 2014, with quality products at pocket friendly prices being the main motto.

The brand started selling through various online marketplaces, in order to reach the large group of their target audience. The superior quality, captivating designs and excellent service made them a top seller and the most preferred baby clothing brand in Amazon platform, also bringing in repeated customers as well as making them a highly recommended brand.

O and O is a passion venture of an energetic team who works meticulously day in and day out, on every single aspect of the products and brand, from ideation to design to sample development led by Mr. Mithun Chand.

His foray into entrepreneurship and arrival of next generation munchkins among family and friends happened simultaneously, cementing his idea of catering to the needs of caring and knowledgeable parents with a baby clothing line. The market for affordable, quality baby products was still untapped. Every product line of the brand is made by a loving parent, giving the brand a distinct edge.

He traveled extensively, met fellow business people and suppliers to understand the market and demands, interacted with potential as well as existing clients at every opportunity to help the brand grow.

All this work has now resulted in growing the brand which now boosts an array of product lines, expanding in lieu with baby clothing. He patiently put together a team that is dedicated and skilled on various aspects of running a business.

When he first had the idea of starting a baby clothing line, it was Mrs. Kavya Pranav, his younger sister, who had been his greatest strength and pillar of support by constantly helping him all means possible from design to marketing strategy. She continues to work behind the screen and makes her presence, whenever there is a need.

As the brand has received a tremendous reception from customers over the years, they have decided to expand the product line as well as bring new designs and choices, add related products to their thriving venture.

A single platform to view and experience all their offerings was the need of the hour, thus a dedicated brand’s shopping site was created, making the work hassle - free for existing and potential customers.

Online shopping for your precious little ones cannot get more fun.